Mi pechakucha sobre inclusión.

La inclusión educativa

Hola a tod@s,

Ahí va mi presentación en power point, aunque convertida en pdf para que la podáis ver cómodamente, sobre la “Inclusión Educativa”.  La he extractado de un curso recibido de 50 horas, lo que no ha resultado fácil, pero creo que aunque sólo sean 20 diapositivas sí podemos hacernos una idea de la importancia de este tema.



Mi presentación.

Hola a tod@s,
Soy profesor de FOL y Gestión de la Prevención en el IES El Palmeral de Orihuela.
Tres cosas sobre mi:
1.- Apasionado del Inglés.
2.- Toco la guitarra.
3.- Perseverante y perfeccionista.
Nunca dejaría de escribir (otra actividad que me apasiona), ni de hacer deporte por aquello del Mens sana in corpore sano.
Me dedico a la educación por vocación. No hay nada más satisfactorio que la cara de un/a alumno/a cuando ha procesado un  contenido y lo ha aplicado con éxito. Rercuerdo la impronta positiva que me han dejado algunos de mis profesores (que no olvidaré nunca) y me gustaría formar parte de alguna de las de mis alumno/as.
Si queréis saber más sobre mi pincha aquí.
Saludos y ánimo con el curso.



Rollerblading in the full Moon

It had been ages since the last time I rollerbladed. Today was one of those days meant to recharge my batteries and to chill me out because, this week, I have been running around like a headless chicken almost, every single day. I am not complaining but when you have to put aside the things you like, that makes you think about whether is worth it or not. I wish I could embrace Aristotle’s philosophy specially the idea which he espoused of the doctrine of the golden mean (shared independently by Confucius) that the best path in life was the one between two extremes. It has come down to us as ‘moderation in all things’. That is what I am yearning for: moderation.
Anyway, as I was saying, I have been rollerblading today under the gaze of a special witness: a full Moon. The Moon, reflection of mankind’s deep desires and longings. How many times have you stared at the Moon asking for wisdom or advise? How many times have you commended yourself to the Moon? How many times …. The Moon, the poetic celestial body which, apart from affecting the tides, could be the brightest light in the deepest darkness for those who are pilgrims in life. Your candle at night. Your company when you feel lonely. Your ally in love or even your accomplice in betrayal. Your dream comes true…
I particularly plead with the Moon for inner peace and for the wisdom to get it 🙂
Quoting Macbeth:
when shall we meet again? In thunder, lightning or in rain?

I said:

– Under the Moon 🙂

Apple, News

Apple Hacked

First thing in the morning, when I was having my dose of caffeine, planning my day and browsing today’s news (yeah, like everybody nowadays, I am multitasking), an article has caught my eyes: Apple Computers Hacked (published by Huffingtonpost).

I have pored over the article and another one related to the same issue (Apple Computers Were Hacked by Same Hackers Who Targeted Facebook: Reuters). Consequently, it is the second time that hackers have taken a bite out of the apple 🙂 forcing Apple to admit that their computers can be buggy.  They blame Java but, I have come to think that the Golden Apple God 😛 has fallen from his untouchable throne. Hence that I wonder, why is Apple selling antivirus/antimalware apps in the Apple Store? It is a contradiction of a virus free IOS, isn’t it? Thereby, I am afraid that Apple’s invulnerability is fading away, if it was ever real in the first place….



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