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Apple Hacked

First thing in the morning, when I was having my dose of caffeine, planning my day and browsing today’s news (yeah, like everybody nowadays, I am multitasking), an article has caught my eyes: Apple Computers Hacked (published by Huffingtonpost).

I have pored over the article and another one related to the same issue (Apple Computers Were Hacked by Same Hackers Who Targeted Facebook: Reuters). Consequently, it is the second time that hackers have taken a bite out of the apple 🙂 forcing Apple to admit that their computers can be buggy.  They blame Java but, I have come to think that the Golden Apple God 😛 has fallen from his untouchable throne. Hence that I wonder, why is Apple selling antivirus/antimalware apps in the Apple Store? It is a contradiction of a virus free IOS, isn’t it? Thereby, I am afraid that Apple’s invulnerability is fading away, if it was ever real in the first place….